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Gentle and responsibly efficient

Dermosil is Finland’s largest online store for skincare, haircare and makeup. For over 30 years, we have been developing reliable and effective products for the whole family. With our own development and exclusive sales, we can guarantee gentle and reliable skincare, haircare and makeup of the highest quality.

We always have the utmost respect for nature in all aspects of our operations, and our goal is to provide what’s best for your skin. We have something for everyone here – if you want real care, and if you, like us, love effective products without unnecessary additives.

Our skin-friendly products can be found in bathrooms and toiletry kits all over Finland.

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Why Dermosil?

More than 400 products of skincare, haircare and makeup. Gentle and effective for the whole family.

All products are plant oil-based and manufactured from carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality.

The least possible amount of colorants and preservatives, so you can always feel safe with Dermosil products. Our quality is controlled regularly in our in-house laboratory.

Large selection of unperfumed products, many of them certified with the symbol of the Finnish Allergy, Skin, and Asthma Federation. We also have vegan products as well as natural cosmetics certified by Ecocert and Ecocert Cosmos.

Dermosil only tests its products on humans.

No middleman means good pricing
. Our products are only sold in our own online store and sent directly to you.

With or without scent?

More and more people have reactions to scent due to sensitivity or even allergy. We purposefully use little to no perfumes in our products. But did you know that even an unperfumed product can have a scent? In this case it is the natural scent of the ingredients that you can feel.

Below we explain the different scent categories which you will find on our packaging – which one is best for you?

Dermosil-Oparfymerad.pngPerfume Free The product contains no perfume.

Dermosil-symbolit-Hypoparfym.pngHypo parfum® The product contains more skin friendly perfumes. Does not contain any of the ingredients among the 26 most allergenic scents according to the EU.

Dermosil-symbolit-Naturliga.pngNatural Fragrance The scent of the product primarily stems from natural substances.

Dermosil-symbolit-Svagt.pngMild perfume The product contains perfume.

Dermosil-symbolit-vegan.pngThe product is vegan.

Dermosil-symbolit-Symbolit.pngThe product is manufactured in our factory in Korsnäs.
Dermosil-symbolit-recycled.png The packaging is made from recycled plastics.

Dermatologically tested The product is dermatologically tested, which means it has been tested on humans under the supervision of a dermatologist.


It all started with a body lotion

Dermosil’s first body lotion was created in 1988. The product was sold directly to hospitals for use on patients. The lotion, which was especially developed for sensitive skin, quickly gained in popularity among hospital staff. We started receiving calls from hospitals all around the country. Everyone wanted to know where they could get a hold of Original Body Lotion for private use. That’s when the Dermosil concept was first developed, the product selection grew and our skin-friendly journey really started!

Since then we’ve developed a range of effective and gentle products for skincare, haircare and makeup. With our background in the healthcare industry, we understand what works and is effective. Today, our product range features more than 400 products. The Classic Series is still the core of our selection and it is very popular among our customers.

For skin and hair. From the heart.

The essence of our philosophy are the special needs of the skin and hair. Our products are developed and manufactured with tremendous care – focusing on quality, responsibility and results. Dermosil’s skin-friendly product line is composed of effective, premium quality products that are tailored according to different challenges that our skin can face. We choose Finnish and Nordic ingredients whenever possible and we make sure that our products are caring, moisturising and skin-friendly. For us it is a given that all our products are only tested on humans.

Our own soap factory in Korsnäs is an important foundation for our work towards sustainability and locally sourced production.

Read more about our operations here.

For our children, our planet, and our future

We are located in the region of Ostrobothnia. Here, between sea and forest, is where everything began more than 30 years ago. Since then, responsible skincare and haircare and sustainable production has been our priority. No middlemen, locally sourced ingredients, smart packaging and always, skin-friendly and dermatologically tested products developed for the needs of the skin. We work for the most valuable things we have: our children, our planet, and our future.

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Product selection that suits everyone

Families with small children, teenagers or simply interested in skincare? Dry, greasy or sensitive young skin? The Dermosil selection features something for the whole family. If you want care, or if you want to get that extra boost you need for your skincare routine.

Discover Dermosil and find your favourite amongst our bestsellers, our weekday saviours and moisture bombs.

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