With or without scent?

More and more people have reactions to scent due to sensitivity or even allergy. We purposefully use little to no perfumes in our products. But did you know that even an unperfumed product can have a scent? In this case it is the natural scent of the ingredients that you can feel.

Below we explain the different scent categories which you will find on our packaging – which one is best for you?

Dermosil-Oparfymerad.pngPerfume Free The product contains no perfume.

Dermosil-symbolit-Hypoparfym.pngHypo parfum® The product contains more skin friendly perfumes. Does not contain any of the ingredients among the 26 most allergenic scents according to the EU.

Dermosil-symbolit-Naturliga.pngNatural Fragrance The scent of the product primarily stems from natural substances.

Dermosil-symbolit-Svagt.pngMild perfume The product contains perfume.

Dermosil-symbolit-vegan.pngThe product is vegan.

Dermosil-symbolit-Symbolit.pngThe product is manufactured in our factory in Korsnäs.
Dermosil-symbolit-recycled.png The packaging is made from recycled plastics.

Dermatologically tested The product is dermatologically tested, which means it has been tested on humans under the supervision of a dermatologist.