Products and manufacturing

Only the best for you

Dermosil has developed reliable products for the whole family for over 30 years. We develop and manufacture our products with your best interest at heart and by respecting natural resources. Our product development guarantees that our products are high-quality, efficient, and skin-friendly – especially for sensitive skin.

Our skin-friendly products are developed and manufactured close to you, from reliable ingredients.
Henrietta BacklundAssortment Manager & Partner

How is a new product created?

Developing a new product is a wonderfully creative process and a collaboration between many experts. We always focus on what you and your family might need, and use all of our expertise to exceed your expectations. That is why our product development starts from identifying a need and having an idea. From there, we continue on to think about the product’s consistency, ingredients and characteristics, which our product development chemist turns into a formula. A ready and approved formula is sent to quality and dermatological testing before it is made into a recipe for manufacturing. Our skilled specialists in the factory finally transform a small laboratory sample into a batch of a few thousand kilograms of finished product.

About our ingredients

Every ingredient in a product has a purpose and is carefully selected. The product base is filled with nurturing ingredients, such as shea butter, glycerine and allantoin. Different seed oils and extracts are also common in our products and have a proven effect on the skin. We use as little preservatives and perfumes as possible to make sure our products can be used by the most sensitive among us. For our scented products we choose mild and skin-friendly fragrances.

Do you want to know more about our ingredients? Check out the ingredient descriptions found on each product.

Design and packaging

We put a lot of focus on the contents of our products, but we are also known for our strong sense of design. When planning new product packaging our designers think of both form, color and function. Did you know that our designers play an important role in our sustainability work? Through smart choices we can reduce waste and build a better future.

Our soap factory

Your opinion matters

Finding the perfect products for your skin can be a real journey. We develop Dermosil products for you and want to hear your feedback on them. Customer assessments are important for our product development. Your opinion also matters for other customers in our web shop: reading reviews is extremely valuable. So please, don’t be shy in contacting our customer service or leaving a comment on a certain product.