Friendly to you and nature

We develop and manufacture our products for sensitive skin with your best interest at heart and by respecting natural resources. We choose local ingredients of high quality, we design smart packages, and we work directly, without middlemen. Always. We do this to be friendly to you, to each other and to our valuable nature.

Sustainability for the skin

Our work always starts with a skincare or haircare issue and the special needs that come with that. Our skin-friendly product range consists of efficient high-quality products, that help you to take well care of your skin. In production we only use high-quality ingredients, and we favor Finnish or locally produced ingredients. Sensitive skin is a lifestyle to us, and we have lots of products that have been granted the allergy symbol by the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. Our products are dermatologically tested on humans under supervision of a dermatologist.

From us to you

Our headquarters, product development, and factory are located in Korsnäs, Western Finland. All Dermosil products are developed in Korsnäs, from the initial idea to the packaging design. By keeping production close to us and delivering our products directly to you without middlemen, we can minimize the carbon footprint of our products. For years, we have been steadily bringing production closer to the end customer, and this work continues. The share of our own production in Korsnäs increases year by year. We manufacture cosmetic products in our own factory in Korsnäs as well as with carefully selected subcontractors in Finland, Sweden, Spain, Poland, and other European countries. We specify the country of manufacture for each product on its product page.

The product packages make a difference

We focus a lot on the content of a product, but we are also known for our innovative designs. We are constantly looking for smart and sustainable alternatives, and our designers have an important role in our sustainability work.

All our bottles are recyclable and made from recycled plastic. We have reduced the amount of plastic used when making the bottles, and part of our labels are made from environment-friendly, renewable wood-based material.

We have always avoided double packaging of products to minimize the amount of waste. We use an extra cardboard package only when it cannot be avoided due to safety reasons. When making smart choices we can reduce the amount of waste and build a better future.

Actions, not just words

Our sustainability program is based on materiality analysis, which has helped us to define the sustainability actions that have the biggest impact on the environment, society and individual.