Foot care


Foot care and prevention of problems with the feet is an important part of the well-being of the whole body. Foot care at home is easy and pleasurable when you have the right products and tools.read_more

In our selection, you can find various foot care products for prevention of different kinds of problems with the feet, like callus. We have foot creams, foot scrubs and foot baths, as well as other products for foot care. Dermosil’s foot care products are for both men and women.

What is a good foot cream like?

The best foot cream is one that suits your skin type and your needs. Some need a fat foot cream, while some need a moisturizing foot cream or serum. At Dermosil, we manufacture our foot creams according to the same principles as all our products. Our own product development guarantees that each one of our foot creams is high-quality, efficient, and skin-friendly. A great foot cream also absorbs quickly and does not stain.

Foot bath and foot scrub

A foot bath pampers dry and tired feet. Our foot bath products give you a relaxing and nourishing foot bath in no time – at home. When you give your feet a bath, you should also give them a scrub. Scrubbing your feet removes dead skin from your feet, which makes your skin soft and ready for a foot cream. Relax and pamper yourself with our high-quality, luxurious, and efficient foot scrubs.

How to do a foot bath at home?

Foot bath at home:

1.    First, scrub your feet. Massage foot scrub into wet feet and rinse.
2.    Use lukewarm, not too hot, water. Pour foot bath salts according to the instructions.
3.    Let your feet relax in the water for about 10 minutes.
4.    Dry your feet carefully – between your toes also – and apply a moisturizing cream.

Foot care products from Dermosil

Dermosil’s foot creams help prevent callus and keep your skin soft. When used regularly, a foot cream helps strengthen the skin barrier of the feet, so you should make foot cream a part of your daily skin care routine. Well-moisturized feet feel and look better and stay healthy.