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I'm registered on your website. Why don't I get your customer magazine?  
Being registered in our webshop doesn't mean that we automatically send our customer magazine. Our magazine is not available in English and threfore we don't send our magazine to our English-speaking customers. If you want to get the magazine anyway, please contact our customer service and we'll send you one. The magazine is found in Finnish, Swedish, Russian and Estonian.

Where can I subscribe to the newsletter?
If you're a registered customer in our webshop you can subscribe to our Dermosil newsletter from your customer page under My information. If you're not registered but still want the newsletter: at the bottom of the page you find Subscribe to Dermosil newsletter, enter your e-mail address here.

My e-mail address has changed. How can I update to my new address?
If your e-mail address has changed after your registration, you can easily update your address on the website. Log in to our webshop with your previous e-mail address and password. Choose Edit profile - here you can update the e-mail address. Afterwards you can log in with your new e-mail address and password.

I have forgotten my password, how can I get a new one?
Click on Log in/Register up in the right corner on the start page. Here you find "Forgot your password?". Write the e-mail address that you're registered with and click Send. Now you get a link to your e-mail where you can create and save a new password.

I have forgotten my password and I'm trying to get a new one. The system doesn't recognize my e-mail address. What do I do?
If you want to create a new password, the system only recognizes the e-mail address that you're registered with. Please check that you have entered the correct e-mail address. If the e-mail address has changed and you no longer have access to the one you're registered with, you need to contact our customer service.

I forgot some products when placing the order, can I still add them to my order?
Unfortunately, no. If you would like to add something, we have to ask you to place a new order.

I have a campaign code. How do I use it?
Enter the campaign code at checkout, before you confirm the order.

I'm under the age of 18 and want to order your products, is it ok?
To order our products you should be at least be 18 years old. A guardian needs to make the orders for persons under the age of 18.

My e-mail address has changed. I registered with my new e-mail address. Where are my bonus points?
Bonus points that are not used, are always saved on the account where the order has been made. If you've made a new account, your bonus points won't be transferred automatically. In these situations, please contact our customer service. Avoid making several registrations because your orders and bonus will be divided to many accounts.

I only got some of the products that I ordered. Why?
One reason may be, that the products are delivered in two or more packages. The different packages are transported separately with different tracking codes. The packages can be delivered at different times. The parcel card contains information about the number of parcels included in the shipment. In our webshop at my page you can also see how many packages that are coming and their tracking codes. Our customer service is happy to help, if needed.

I only want to order one product. Can I make an order below 100 euro?
You can make an order below 100 euro. Then delivery costs will be added. The delivery cost is 5.90 euro. Premium customers have always free shipping.

Can I change bonus products?
From orders made in our webshop you collect bonus points that you can use in the bonus shop and choose products from the current bonus assortment. You can't change bonus products.

Where are Dermosil's cosmetic products manufactured? 
Dermosil's products are developed at our head office in Korsnäs, by the coastline in Ostrobothnia. The products are manufactured in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and some other EU countries.  The products are delivered from the factories to Korsnäs, and from here they're sent straight to our customers.

What products can I use during pregnancy and breast-feeding?
There is relatively little research on how different cosmetic ingredients affect during pregnancy and breast-feeding. That's why we recommend basic products, such as unscented products that have been granted the right to use the allergy symbol and the products in our Nature serie. When you're pregnant and breastfeed it's important to prioritize yourself and your child's well-being by eating healthy, exercise and rest. At the counseling you'll get more information.

Can I use your products on my sensitive skin?
The products in our Sensitive serie have been granted the right to use the Allergy and Asthma Association's symbol, which means they are great for people with sensitive skin. The symbol means that the product doesn't contain any perfumes or other ingredients that usually causes skin irritations or makes the skin sensitive. If your skin is very sensitive, we recommend that you first try the product on the skin at the bend of the arm to make sure the product is good for your skin.

How long can I use a product after it has been opened?
Creams are just like perishables and can be kept until best before date if the package is unopened and unused. After the product has been opened you can use it 3-6 months depending on how it's stored. After, it's good to buy a new one. A product can have the PAO-symbol (Period After Opening) and the symbol says how many months you can use it after it has been opened.

Why does an unscented product smell?
Because we haven't added any perfume in the product, you can feel the smell of the ingredients, which may be a faint scent of medicines.

Are there products in the assortment for babies and kids?
In the Sensitive serie there are several products for babies and kids. Unscented products that have been granted the right to use the Allergy and Asthma Association's symbol. In the webshop you choose SKIN CARE - TARGET GROUP - Baby and kids, and you'll find these products.

Why is my favorite product no longer in the assortment?
There may be different reasons why products are removed from the assortment. We constantly develop our product assortment according to customers' wishes, trends in beauty and cosmetics, sales and legislation and research that affects what ingredients are being used. The development is also necessary to maintain the relationship between the products price and quality. Some of the products are Limited Edition products and are sold in limited quantities.

Do your peeling products contain plastic?
Our environmental management system demands that we only use natural peeling ingredients, such as crushed rice grains, sugar or almond shell, in our peeling products. We don't use plastic.

Do the products contain parabens? 
Since the beginning of 2015 there are no parabens in our products.

Are Dermosil's products animal tested?
Dermosil has never and is not testing products or ingredients on animals. We follow the EU directive on animal testing, that have gradually entered into force since 2004. Since 2013 it's totally forbidden within the EU to test cosmetic products or ingredients on animals. Because the prohibition concern everyone working within the business, we have chosen not join organizations who work against animal testing. Our business have a quality and environmental management system and we have ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certificates. Inspections to continue using the certificates are made annually.