Dermoshop Ltd

The company was established in Korsnäs in 1983. Since 1988 Dermoshop has focused on skin care products. The group launched its own online store in 1996 and was then Finland’s first online store for cosmetics.

Dermoshop Ltd is a Finnish family business whose main markets consist of Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Russia. The group’s head office is located in Korsnäs, on the west coast of Finland. The group also includes Guest Comfort Ltd in Helsinki, which sells guest amenities and hotel cosmetics.

Suvi Markko is the CEO for Dermoshop Ltd. The group’s turnover was over 26 million Euros in 2019.

The group employs 80 people.

Our assortment includes a wide variety of products. The Dermosil products are sold in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Russia. Dermosil.fi is one of Finland’s biggest online stores for cosmetics.

The Dermosil products are sold through our own online store directly to the consumers, without any middlemen. This guarantees an excellent price-quality ratio. A big part of the customers order in groups and make their orders for example to different workplaces.