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Nail File (5 pcs)

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Traditional nail file for shaping nail tips and correcting split places. Two filing surfaces with different roughness: one is finer grained and the other is a bit coarser. The package includes five Dermosil Nail Files.
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Product number 3755

Product number 3755

Product details

Dermosil Nail File is a traditional nail file for filing nail tips and broken nails. The high quality Nail File has two surfaces with different grit levels.

Dermosil Nail File is a basic tool for every handbag. It helps you fix a broken nail quickly. Nail File has two different surfaces: the pink is rougher and the white is finer. Use the different surfaces as necessary.

The nail file package contains five (5) Dermosil Nail Files. You can always carry one nail file in your handbag and keep the rest in the drawer of your nightstand or desk. Always file your nails only in one direction, starting from the side of the nail and filing toward the centre. Filing back and forth will separate the layers of the nail, making your nails split and chip.

Purpose To smooth the nail tips and broken edges.
Directions for use File the tip of the nail or the broken edge with short filing motion in one direction only. File the nail with the rougher pink side and/or the finer white surface.
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