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Foundation brush

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Brush for creating a natural and even make-up base. The foundation product is applied on skin with the white bristles of the brush by first dabbing and then with light circular motion.
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Product number 3882

Product number 3882

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Dermosil Foundation brush is a perfect tool for making a proper make-up base. Thanks to the soft bristles of the brush the application of makeup on skin is feather light and the result is naturally light and even.

Foundation brush can be used for applying liquid and creamy foundation products and also powders. The brush has bristles of two colours. The long and flexible white bristles are meant for applying make-up. The dark short bristles support the white bristles, making the brush stronger.

Dip the part with white bristles lightly in a make-up product, dab the face gently with the brush to deposit make-up on skin in small dots. For better results hold the brush at right angles to skin while dabbing with it. Continue to apply make-up by moving the brush in light circular motion. The brush should be pressed lightly against skin, moving only the white bristles of the brush.

It is easiest to apply make-up by separate facial areas. For example start from the chin and cheeks and then move to the nose and forehead.

Thanks to the white bristles of Foundation brush very little of the make-up base product is used. Therefore it is also quick and easy to clean the brush. Regular cleaning will keep the brush in tip-top shape for a long time.

Purpose Brush for applying liquid and creamy make-up base products. It can also be used for applying powder.
Directions for use Dab the skin lightly with the white bristles of the brush to place little dots of make-up on skin. Continue applying make-up by light circular motion of the brush, moving only the white bristles of the brush.
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