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Contour Kit

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With Contour Kit you can highlight your best facial features and make it look vibrant.
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Product number 3902

Product number 3902

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With Dermosil Contour Kit you can highlight your best facial features and make it look vibrant. The kit consists of 3 colours. Thanks to the creamy texture it is easy to apply and blend the colours of Contour Kit. The texture of the cream turns powdery when applied on the face, making the result look light and natural. The colours of the kit can be applied on foundation or directly on skin.

The creamy white colour is slightly glittering, adding a nice glow to skin. This colour can be used to highlight and brighten certain facial features. It is an excellent colour above all for highlighting cheekbones. The creamy white colour can be applied also on brow bones, in the centre of the forehead, the tip of the nose and the Cupid’s bow.

The pink colour in the kit is used like blusher. The pink colour is bright pink with a slightly cold undertone and therefore it is excellent for fair skin colours. The pink colour can be applied with circular strokes on cheekbones to add a soft fresh look to the face. If you wish to add stronger focus to your cheekbones apply the pink colour lengthwise, immediately under the creamy white colour. You shouldn’t apply the pink colour close to your nose.

You can apply the brown colour under your cheekbones to enhance them and add more definition to the shape of your face. Apply it in a thin line under your cheekbone and blend toward the cheekbone. As a result you get a light shadow under the cheekbone. You can also apply the brown colour to your hairline to frame the face and make your forehead appear thinner. The brown colour can also be applied under the chin outline to create a nice facial shape or on the sides of the nose to shape it or make it appear thinner.

It is best to apply the Contour Kit colours with the Dermosil Oval Contour Brush or clean fingertips. You can apply the colours in a thin or a thicker layer, if you wish to achieve a stronger effect. All the colours in the kit contain shea butter that softens skin and leaves a pleasant feeling on skin.

Purpose For highlighting facial features or for creating shadows, to add a nice glow and blush to the face.
Directions for use Use the creamy white colour to brighten various facial parts (like cheekbones and brow bones) and to make them glow. You can use the pink colour on your cheekbones like blusher. With the brown colour you can enhance different facial parts, create shadows and shape the facial outline. Apply the colours of the kit with the Oval Contour Brush or your fingertips either on top of foundation or directly on skin. You can apply the colours in a thin or a thicker layer, if you wish to achieve a stronger effect.
Size 9 g NET
Perfume Unscented
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