Cleansing products and facial toners


Cleansing of the face, makeup removal and the right cleansing products for your skin type are the most important things when it comes to facial skin care. Cleansing of the face should be a part of your skincare routine morning and night.read_more

Luxurious cleansing products that suit your skin type make these moments a pure pleasure. In our selection, you can find all kinds of cleansing products for the face: cleansing mousses, cleansing milks, cleansing oils, cleansing balms, and cleansing gels.
A facial tonic is also an essential part of the daily skin care routine because a facial tonic completes the cleansing of the face. A facial tonic balances the skin’s pH-value and prepares the skin for a facial cream. A great facial tonic cleans the last impurities from the skin, so that the facial cream can work better in the skin. Choose the right facial tonic for your skin type from our selection and your skin will thank you!