Dry skin in winter

Do you have dry skin in winter? Wondering what would be the best way to provide care and relief to your skin? Winter is sometimes quite a challenging time for the skin, as it is dried by frosts, wind and dry indoor air. Caring for dry skin can be tricky, but following the right products and advice is rewarding! Here's how to treat dry skin:

Wash dry skin

Contrary to what is often claimed, dry skin does not need to avoid a warm shower or bath. However, for washing dry skin, you should choose a product that helps prevent dry skin. Shower and bath oil is well suited for this purpose.

After washing, it is important to bind moisture to the skin using a moisturizer or body lotion suitable for your own skin. When you apply the cream immediately after washing, it is also well absorbed. If you have really dry skin, try Sensitive Rich Treatment Cream after washing. It is designed for very dry and cracked skin, and the cream contains 60 percent fat. The high fat content binds moisture to the skin and forms a protective layer on it.

Dry skin needs protection

Before, frost creams were preferred for winter outdoor activities, but today they are no longer recommended. Namely, sweat and moisture easily remain under the antifreeze, which, when frozen, causes the skin to freeze. Well-groomed skin provides the best protection and it is worth investing in its damp moisturizing, especially in the evening. In severe frosts, it also makes sense to protect facial skin with clothing. See Moisturizing Night Creams here

Gentle dry facial skin

Winter not only tests the skin of the body, but also the face gets its share. We have developed a Winter Face Cream specifically for winter skin, which soothes and treats dry facial skin. The cream is suitable for both day and night creams and also under makeup.


Enjoyable winter days! <3


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