Five Shaving Tips

Removing body hair with a razor is a quick and effective way to get rid of unwanted hair. Here are five tips on how to shave and get silky smooth legs.

1. The skin should be scrubbed and moisturized the day before shaving so that dead skin cells do not clog the shaver and the skin is smoother. For example, choose a new Sauna Glow Body Scrub as an exfoliating product and after exfoliating, moisturize the skin with the luxurious Sauna Glow Body Milk.

2. Always wash before shaving. Soft clean skin is easier and more pleasant to shave.

3. Use Sensitive Shaving Foam for shaving, which allows the razor to glide easily on the skin. The foam softens the hair, thus preventing incisions. To avoid irritating the skin, always shave in the direction of hair growth, not "counter-hair".

4. Rinse the shaver after each shave and especially carefully when you have finished shaving. Keep the shaver in a dry place, not in the bathroom cabinet! Always use a moisturizer after shaving. A good choice after shaving is the soothing and moisturizing Sensitive Hydrogel 0%.

5. Change the shaver often enough. A blunt razor irritates the skin, cuts poorly and can cause hair growth.


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