BB cream is a multi-talented make-up base

The expected BB cream has been added to the Dermosil Makeup series. BB cream combines make-up cream, day cream and sunscreen. Thanks to its ideal composition, the cream blends into the skin, giving a perfectly even impression. The cream feels light on the face, but effectively masks the skin's small imperfections and differences in tone.

The cream is easy to apply evenly on the face, so the end result is natural. The skin looks beautiful and stays fresh all day long. BB cream  can be applied to the face alone or under it, if desired, can be applied with face cream. The end result can be finished with powder. Dermosil BB cream is available in 3 shades: honey, Ivory and natural beige.

Honey is a hint of a darker shade that folds a hint to yellowish. If your skin tone is warm and tanned easily in the summer, the base color of your skin is probably yellow refractive and then the right shade for you is honey.

The ivory shade is darker than porcelain and folds into red. If your skin burns easily and doesn’t tan much, your skin tone will likely fold to red and Ivory is the right shade for your skin.

Natural beige is a shade of darker, neutral and natural beige. Its shade is close to the shade of Aina cream previously in our selection, medium.

Satisfied testers

At the beginning of the summer, a test group of our customers got to try out the composition of the new BB cream. A total of 122 testers shared their views on the cream.

87% of the testers felt that the cream felt light on the skin and the end result was natural. 88% of the respondents also found it easy to apply the cream.

“The product was wonderfully light on the face. I was able to use the product well even without moisturizer, although usually my face starts to tighten right away if I don’t use a separate moisturizer. It just covered small skin imperfections just right. ” - Emilia T

93% of the testers felt that the cream smoothed the skin tone and 85% thought that the cream blended into the skin tone of the face and lasted beautifully throughout the day.

“At first I was scared of the shade of the product because it was so light. I thought it wouldn’t work on slightly updated skin already. Fortunately, my worries were futile and the cream blended perfectly into my face. Quite an insane product. I used the entire test period every day and continue to use it. This became my new favorite. Plus sunscreen! ” - Sari J

"The ointment stayed on the face really well, even though I got sweaty at work and had to wipe my face, the ointment didn't spread away until I washed off in the evening." - Paula S

96% of respondents felt that the cream works well with other makeup products.

“I fell in love with the cream very much. It was light enough, yet opaque. The end result was natural and above all a ball, which is very important to me. The cream behaved well with other makeups and stayed good all day. The cream did not dry out my atopic skin at all, but it still felt comfortable even after a long day. The tone was just right for me too. Usually I don’t use a makeup foundation every day, but this cream became part of my morning routine with other skin care products and I got completely hooked! I would definitely recommend it to others who are looking for BB cream. ” - Iida P

“I have dry and sensitive skin myself, but the cream stayed on my skin all day without straining the skin too much. In addition, the cream gave a beautiful glow to the skin, even though I lightly put powder on it. ” - Melanie R

The test team was very happy with the cream, which also shows that 87% of the testers would recommend the product to a friend.



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