Smooth Holidays


Makeup sponges with special shapes for creating a perfect base

Bring joy to a makeup fan with a perfect Christmas gift! Gift package Smooth Holidays contains three makeup sponges with different designs to create a professionally beautiful and flawless even makeup base without any visible edges.

11.90 € / 3 pcs

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Best gift for a makeup fan – makeup sponges for creating a perfect makeup base

Perfect Christmas gift for a young makeup fan. Gift package Smooth Holidays has three different makeup sponges for a beautiful and flawless makeup base. Use a moist makeup sponge to create a perfectly even, light and natural makeup base. Get a more covering result with a dry makeup sponge.

Pink makeup sponge is the traditional droplet shaped sponge already familiar from our product range, with one slanted edge. With the rounded end of the makeup sponge it is easy to apply foundation and blend the outlines of creamy makeup products. The slanted part of the makeup sponge makes it easy to apply foundation in areas that require great precision, like around the eyes and the sides of the nose.

Grey makeup sponge has two flat sides and a small flat tip. This makeup sponge is particularly well suited for applying foundation on the area around the eyes and nose.

The turquoise blue makeup sponge has two rounded sides, one of them smaller and the other a bit larger. This makeup sponge is great for applying makeup evenly on larger areas like cheeks, forehead and chin.

Tip! Like any beauty care products, makeup sponges have their ‘best before’ dates. To avoid bacterial growth you should replace your makeup sponge about every three months.

Christmas gift Smooth Holiday contains:

3 makeup sponges with different shapes

Gift package

Category: Brushes and tools

Purpose: Makeup sponges for creating a professional looking and flawless makeup base.

Country of Manufacture: China

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