Highlighting & contouring


Contouring and highlighting refers to shaping your face with the help of makeup. read_more

Contouring makeup is done by using shading and highlighting techniques. Products that reflect the light are used for highlighting the highest parts of the face and by using darker tones you can bring out the shape of the face. For a natural shaping of the face, you need light products of high quality. In our selection, you can find high-quality products for contouring and highlighting of the face.

Shaping the face with the help of makeup

Contouring and highlighting of the face can bring out the shape of the face, modify the face or hide certain parts of the face. A highlighting powder brings out the shape of the face and gives your skin vitality and glow. A light reflecting highlighting powder should be applied on the highest parts of your face, like the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and the forehead, in other words the parts of your face that the light hits naturally. A darker highlighting powder on the other hand, brings out the shape of the face when you apply it on the outer edges of your face and under your cheekbone. When creating shades in the face, the point is to darken the parts that you want to shade or hide.

Contouring and highlighting the face

The shape of your face decides which kind of contouring and highlighting is right for your face. So, before you start the makeup, examine the shape of your face to know which contouring and highlighting techniques are best for you. The choice of the right colors is important when you want to succeed with your contouring makeup.

Contouring and highlighting products come in different format: powder, cream, or liquid. Powder is the easiest one to work with, because it does not contain as much pigment as a liquid product. It is also easier to soften the contours with a powder and it suits all skin types. The highlighting powder should be applied after regular powder and then fixed with setting spray.