Passion for product development

Raw materials

We only use raw materials of the highest quality in our products. They are selected with care to meet the needs of your skin and hair. We always select domestic and Nordic raw materials whenever possible. The products’ active raw materials, different extracts and oils are what make our products so incredibly effective. We make sure that all our products are caring, moisturizing and above all, skin friendly.


The packages for the products are always selected with the purpose of use in mind. We are constantly working to find sustainable, smart and responsible alternatives. To minimize the amount of waste, we have always avoided secondary packaging. When we use secondary packaging, it is only for product safety reasons.

Quality assurance

The product quality is monitored at every step of the supply chain. The international quality standards, ISO 22716, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004, state that quality is part of the everyday life for everyone who works at Dermosil.

Give feedback

Our customers thoughts and opinions about our products are valuable to our product development and we are grateful for all your feedback. We want to create products that help you with your skin challenges. Get in touch with our customer service or leave a product comment.

Responsible skin care

The Dermosil products are developed and manufactured with a big heart, with a focus on quality and responsibility. Our skin-friendly assortment consists of effective and high-quality products for every need. As a company, we are taking our responsibility for the economy, environment and society.