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A healthy skin without a fuss! Our popular Classic products are long-lasting and safe to use for the entire family. These essentials will take you far in your skincare routine.


Skincare for extra sensitive skin! Our mild Sensitive products are allergy-certified, scent-free and well-suited for very dry or atopic skin. A great base in anyone’s skincare routine that safely can be used by the entire family, also on infants.

Vitamin E

Soft moisturized skin! Our Vitamin E products restore your skin’s moisture levels and add lustre with the help of antioxidant-high vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. Suitable for all skin types and all ages.


Our MEDI products solve problems and provide relief in situations where special care and attention are needed. When wounds or skin irritation occur, the MEDI products are there to help.

Skin Solutions

Tailor-made, high-quality facial skincare. The active ingredients in our Skin Solutions products give your skin exactly what it needs to feel and look good.

Skin Comfort

Feel comfortable in your own skin! Our luxurious Skin Comfort products moisturize your skin and prevent signs of aging, so that you can enjoy your beautiful skin throughout all stages of life.


Latest news in skincare! In our Youth series, you find current skincare trends in the form of natural, sustainable alternatives. These products are of high quality and suitable especially for young skin.

Hair Solutions

Modern, sustainable hair products made just for you. Salon-quality and effective ingredients at a good price.

Soft Steps

Soft feet, soft steps! Our Soft Steps series takes care of your feet while adding luxury to your day. These dermatologically tested effective products suit both women and men and feet that need a little extra care.


Luxurious skincare from Nordic berries! Abundant with antioxidants, the products in the Marja series contain oils and extracts from berries, such as sea buckthorn, rose hip and lingonberries. These nurturing and moisturizing products are suitable for all skin types.


Natural nutrients and lustre from the earth! Our Juuri products draw their power from beetroots, carrots and other sources that grow in your surroundings. These products are based upon ingredients of natural origins.


Natural beauty! Our high-quality, affordable Makeup products bring out your unique features while nurturing for your skin. Here, you find both allergy-certified essentials and fresh seasonal novelties.


Practical, quick and easy! The high-quality products in our Man series are made to clean and take care of men’s skin in the demanding Nordic climate.

Limited Collection

Only the best for your skin with seasonal products. Limited Collection offers wonderful seasonal and special products that are sold in limited edition.


Sensitive skin is a lifestyle! Our mild Living products give you a clean and cosy home to feel well in. These sustainable products are of high quality and safe to use.


Make a greener choice and order refill. With a refill bag you fill your favourite product into a empty, clean bottle over and over again. Both the environment and your wallet will be thankful!


Beautiful jewelry even for the most delicate skin! Our high-quality jewelry is developed and made especially for sensitive skin, and it is dermatologically tested as well as nickel tested.

Oral care

Well-being for your teeth from Dermosil. Now you can find products for dental care in our selection!

Key Flag products

Allergy certified products