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As a member, you get to take part in the little extra. Collect bonus points for every purchase and choose free products from the bonus shop.

Bonus for every purchase

As a member, you collect bonuses every time you shop. For the bonus points, you can choose free products from our bonus shop, directly in connection with the purchase! Each euro gives you 10 bonus points to use in the bonus shop.

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Benefits for Gold members

If you shop for over 500 euros a year, you become a Gold member, and then get to take part in exclusive benefits. You get special Gold offers every season, free shipping on purchases over 25 euros, and product samples with every purchase. In addition, you get the opportunity to use your bonus points in our entire range! Gold members are among our most loyal members, and many have been with us for over 20 years. The easiest way to become a Gold member is to form a group at work or among friends and order together. 

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