Sensitive Night Pads With Wings


Night Pads with wings are reliable, breathing and skin-friendly during the period. The surface of the pads is 100% organic cotton and the shape of the pad effectively prevents any leaks.

2.30 € / 10 pcs

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Dermosil Night Pads with wings keep you dry and fresh during the period. Night Pads with wings were developed specifically for sensitive skin and to protect from nighttime leaks.

The surface of the night pad that is in contact with skin is made of 100% organically cultivated cotton. Thanks to this skin-friendly and breathing material the pads are pleasant to use.

Under the luxurious cotton surface is an effective inlay that distributes moisture evenly in the absorbent layer inside the pad. The backing material of the lowest layer ensures secure leak control.

The pad is long enough for nighttime use and the wings keep it securely in place, preventing any uncomfortable side leaks. The length of the pad is 317 mm and thickness 2 mm.

Night Pads with wings are single wrapped. Night Pads with wings are dermatologically tested, contain no fragrance or other chemicals.

Like other products of the Sensitive line, Night Pads with wings have been granted the right to use the allergy symbol of the Allergy, Skin Disease and Asthma Union of Finland.

Night Pads with wings included in the Dermosil assortment are made of clean and safe materials in Finland by a Finnish family business.

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Category: Intimate care

Purpose: Night Pads with wings for nighttime use.

Usage: Open the wrapping of the pad and place the sticky surface of the pad on the inner surface of the panties. Fold the wings outside the panties.

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