Kitchen Soap Sage refill


The soap is developed specifically for kitchen use, it leaves a pleasantly fresh feeling and a mild herbal fragrance on hands.

6.20 € / 500 ml

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Dermosil Kitchen Soap Sage with its delicious herbal fragrance is now available as a refill as well! The fresh kitchen soap with herbal fragrance is great for the hands of any home cook to use during cooking and other kitchen work. With the help of Kitchen Soap Sage you can effectively remove any strong odours and food particles from your hands.

Kitchen Soap Sage has been developed specifically for washing hands in the kitchen where different food ingredients need to be processed at the same time. The soap helps ensure hand hygiene in the kitchen and is meant to be used specifically during cooking. It doesn’t create too much lather and it is very easy to rinse off the hands.

The volume of Dermosil refills is 500 ml. The packages are equipped with twist caps and bottle-like spouts that are convenient for pouring the contents of the refill bag into an empty bottle. The refills contain completely the same contents as the pump bottles of the original products.

Always pour the contents of the refill bag into a clean and dry empty bottle. Always clean the pump as well before twisting it back on. Never refill half-empty bottles! This way you can keep the bottles hygienic and the new content will not spoil because of contact with old layers. Dermosil’s bottles and pumps can be reused and refilled at least 3 to 4 times, if you take care to clean them properly when changing the contents.

The “best before” date of the refill is printed on the edge of the bag. The date denotes the durability period of an unopened package. When opened the product is fit to be used for six (6) months. Note the new date when you pour new contents into an empty bottle. The date printed on the bottle is valid for the original contents of the bottle.

The refill bags are made of PET/PA/PE plastics and the cap is made of PP plastic. The cap has a seal made of aluminium. Empty refill bag with cap weighs 13 grams; empty 500 ml bottle and pump together weigh 46 grams. Therefore the refill uses notably less plastic and takes up much less space in the waste bin. The Dermosil refill bag is an environmentally friendly choice. Empty Dermosil refill bags can be disposed with kitchen waste.

When you make an order please note that the article numbers of the refills have five digits.

If soap drips on the drainboard of the kitchen sink or other stainless steel surfaces rinse them clean of soap.

Category: Hand soap

Purpose: For washing hands.

Usage: Pour the contents of the refill into a clean and dry bottle. Wash your hands with soap and rinse.

Parfume: Parfumed

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Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, PEG-4 Rapeseedamide, Glyserin, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Parfum, Sodium Chloride, Lactic Acid, Betaine, Sodium Benzoate, Hydroxypropyl Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Potassium Sorbate, Linalool, Limonene, Caramel, Maltodextrin, CI 42090, CI 19140, Sodium Sulfate

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