Faces Facial Care Kit for mature skin


The rich products of the luxurious facial care kit moisturise and nourish mature skin. The kit consists of products of the Faces line and it helps reduce the signs of aging in skin as well.

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Dermosil Faces Facial Care Kit for mature skin is a luxurious kit to moisturise and nourish mature skin and help reduce the signs of aging.

Cleanse the facial skin with the silky soft Cleansing Mousse for normal and dry skin. It can be used for daily facial cleansing and removing any water-soluble makeup.

Moisturise facial skin mornings and evenings with the facial cream rich in nutrients. Day Cream Q10 rich in antioxidants helps to ensure the well-being of skin and prevent the signs of skin aging. Night Cream Retinol moisturises and provides skin care in the evening after facial cleansing.

In addition to facial cream pamper the facial skin with serum as well. Exfoliating Night Serum is a solution to tired and exhausted facial skin that shows signs of aging. It helps skin recover and restores its beautiful glow. It removes dead cells from skin and cleanses skin, when used for a longer period.  Dab some Exfoliating Night Serum evenings to cleansed skin. Avoid applying the serum to the skin around the eyes.

Take care of the thin skin around the eyes with eye cream. Light, but efficiently moisturising Eye Cream Q10 is rich in antioxidants that support the regeneration of skin cells and help to prevent the signs of aging in the eye area skin.

The product kit contains the following products: Cleansing Mousse (3824), Day Cream Q10 (3080), Night Cream Retinol (3081), Eye Cream Q10 (3082) and Exfoliating Night Serum (3792).

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Category: Skin care kit

Purpose: Product kit for daily care of mature skin.

Usage: Cleanse the face with Cleansing Mousse. Dab serum on cleansed facial skin mornings and/or nights. After the serum is absorbed apply day cream in the morning and night cream before going to sleep at night. Moisturise the eye area skin with eye cream.

Skintype: Mature; Normal; Mixed; Dry

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