Sensitive Gift Set


Give a gift of gentle care products. The set of mild and unscented products contains skin care products for daily washing and moisturising.

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Give a gift of gentle care. Sensitive gift set moisturises and takes care of dry and sensitive skin.

Sensitive Shower Gel is a soft gel product for washing all over gently and effectively.

Sensitive Hand Soap Extra is a mild hand soap for sensitive skin that creates a silky soft foam.

Sensitive Facial Cream is a moisturising and nourishing cream developed for facial care and protection. The cream is light and it is quickly absorbed. Sensitive Caring Cream 20% is a well absorbed base cream that can be used both as a hand and body cream. Used as a body cream it is also great for mature skin.

All the products included in the set are mild and unscented, and they has been authorised to use the allergy symbol by the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation.

The product set contains the following products: Sensitive Shower Gel (3626), Sensitive Hand Soap Extra (3982), Sensitive Facial Cream (3067) and Sensitive Caring Cream 20% (3781).

Category: Skin care kit

Purpose: Set for dry and sensitive skin care.

Usage: Product set for daily washing and moisturising of sensitive skin.

Skintype: Sensitive; Dry; Normal

Parfume: Parfume free

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